About Us


Welcome to PowerLine Tattoo.  Our mission is to deliver the best possible experience to each and every client we encounter.  Your experience begins the moment you set foot in our studio, designed with the utmost attention to style, comfort, and safety.


 You will be sure to catch the vibe of our shop once you see all of the original art hanging alongside numerous tattoo awards and mounted published articles about us and our shop.  You can come in to chat with our friendly front desk staff and setup a consultation to go over ideas with an artist, or have a seat on a couch and flip through the portfolios of previous work we’ve done.


 Our staff is made up of a small group of professionals hand picked because of the excellence they have displayed within their fields. 


Our artists will sit down with you and discuss your ideas, whether you already have your design picked out and ready to go or if you would like to utilize our skills to design a one-of-a-kind work of art.  We believe that tattoos are an exciting form of personal expression and as a result each tattoo should be as unique as you are.


You will not find any pre-drawn tattoos ready to be "picked and sticked" hanging on our wall;  we enjoy collaborating with you on the design.  We encourage our clients to bring any reference material and ideas you may have, but in the end we are willing to work with you no matter how developed (or underdeveloped) your idea is.  We thrive on creativity and pride ourselves in being able to handle whatever tattoo challenge you can throw our way.


Our staff members are happy to answer your questions and address any and all concerns you may have.  We enjoy educating the public about body art and always offer free consultations.  For more detailed and in depth information please refer to our FAQ page and do not hesitate to email, call, or stop by.