PowerLine Tattoo
706 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston Rhode Island, 02910

Important Info for our 3rd Annual Spooktacular Tattoo-A-Thon!

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Some important things you need to know for our 3rd Annual Spooktacular Tattoo-A-Thon: we will not be tattooing any hands, feet, necks or heads! You may not request modifications to the designs! You cannot request which artist you want to get tattooed by. Cash is preferred, but if you need to make the donation from a card, there will be a $3 processing fee (no checks or money orders). It is not recommended that diabetics get tattooed, but if you've been cleared by your doctor, there will be a separate waiver for you to sign. Make sure that if you wear a costume the artist will still be able to get to the body part you'll be getting tattooed. As always, no children or animals are allowed in the shop for health and safety reasons. SEE YOU SATURDAY AT 11am!