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Boston Tattoo Convention recap!

Wednesday September 07, 2011

Hey everyone!  The Boston Tattoo Convention was a success!  It was great seeing some familiar faces there, and meeting a lot of new people as well!  The turn out was great, and our booth was jammin non-stop!  Evan and Jay both tattooed on Friday-- Evan did a full color turtle head that is the start to a reptile leg sleeve, and Jay did a full color tank on the inside of an arm.  Both pieces looked awesome, and pics will be posted in the near future.  Saturday brought more awesomeness.  Mike did a full color zombiefied Amy Winehouse which got some attention for sure (RIP Amy), and Evan did a full color vampire girl from the original Fright Night on a client's foot (that caps off his horror leg sleeve that Evan has been working on for 3 years).  Evan's client, Steve, got his first piece by Evan at the Boston Tattoo Convention 3 years ago, so it was exciting to celebrate their "3 year anniversary" with an amazing piece!  Evan and Steve took Tattoo of the Day for the vampire portrait, so we have added yet another trophy to our collection!  Sunday was another fun-filled day!  Mike worked on a sleeve that he started recently of a full color octopus (looks bad ass thus far) and he also did a black and gray portrait of a client's grandmother that turned out phenomenal.  Evan did a full color Freddy Kreuger on a client's leg that starts the beginning of another horror leg sleeve.  Monday, the final day of the BTC, was just as busy.  Jay tattooed a full color anchor on a client in his crazy dimensional style that gave a whole new twist on a Rhode Island favorite.  He also did an orchid on a walk-in that we hope to see at the shop for more pieces!  Mike wrapped up the convention with a full color wolf on a client's ribs!  He plans to add bite marks and rib bones to the piece to make it even more gory and awesome!  Pics will follow for the convention pieces!  All in all, the convention was a success and we can't wait to do it again next year!

We will be attending the Painful Pleasures Rock & Ink Expo October 21-23 at the Wyndham Hotel in South Portland, Maine.  For more info, go to www.facebook.com/gaskylproductions !