PowerLine Tattoo
706 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston Rhode Island, 02910

Get it while it's hot!

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Spring has sprung-- the warm Spring weather means people are shedding their clothes and showing off their skin!  So put down those brooms and forget Spring cleaning and head over to see our crew at Powerline Tattoo!  Come down and talk with an artist and we'll work with you on any idea you have!  Maybe you're just looking to get an existing tattoo fixed or covered before you put that new bikini on.. check out www.WBRU.com and enter the Worst Tatty Contest for a chance to win a cover-up or fixer-upper by Evan Olin! Put that tax return money to good use!   

In other news, we're excited to share that Evan Olin had two pieces featured in the latest issue of Tattoos for Men (issue #91), one of which won an award at the 2010 Baltimore Tattoo convention.